Meloxidyl® (meloxicam) Oral Suspension is an FDA-approved generic meloxicam, with all the benefits of the pioneer product. Meloxidyl helps dogs get back to enjoying life, at a price that’s easier on you.

Meloxidyl is indicated for the control of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis in dogs. Knowing more about the signs of osteoarthritis is a key first step in helping to improve your dog’s quality of life.

Meloxidyl is a sweetened suspension readily accepted by dogs. In a laboratory study where Meloxidyl was placed on the food, 100% of dogs ate the food.

Meloxidyl is convenient and allows a precise dosage. Every bottle of Meloxidyl includes 2 dosing syringes: a small syringe (blue print) for dogs under 15 lbs and a large syringe (green print) for dogs over 15 lbs. So your dog receives the exact dose of NSAIDs needed, down to the pound. No more, no less.

Meloxidyl is effective. In two field studies involving 277 dogs of all breeds and ages, Meloxicam was shown to be effective at reducing pain and increased overall mobility as early as 14 days.

Meloxidyl is safe. Six weeks and six months studies, at up to 5 times the dose of meloxicam, revealed no significant clinical adverse reactions.

How to Recognize Osteoarthritis

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Where to Buy Meloxidyl®

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